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    ":calendar: My schedule is often full - but I look forward to our meeting!"
📆 My schedule is often full - but I look forward to our meeting!

To arrange a meeting with me during my office hours, please try to Schedule an Appointment—you can browse my available office hours and pick a time slot that fits into our schedules. Once you have chosen your appointment, it will appear in both your Google Calendar and mine. If you would like to see where I am during any week of the academic semester, you may View My Calendar—but please note that my schedule is not regularly updated during any of Allegheny College’s breaks that are documented in the Academic Calendar.

Individuals seeking to schedule an appointment with me should also bear in mind that I have previously scheduled teaching, mentoring, research, and administrative events that may prevent me from either holding office hours beyond those normally scheduled or agreeing to extra meetings outside of existing office hours. As such, I greatly appreciate your understanding of my circumstances when I must decline a meeting due to schedule constraints.

You can also schedule an appointment with me through this widget!