FS 102:

Software Everywhere

Gregory M. Kapfhammer

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Color Scheme

Key Concept

Corresponding Diagram

In-Class Discussion

In-Class Activity

Details in an Article

Presentation reflections

What were you apprehensive about?

Hogan's "Demystifying Public Speaking"

Speaking Fears

Voice problems

Technical malfunctions

Incorrect statements

Poor performance

Discuss your apprehensions

Strategy for overcoming?

Speaking Strategies

Prepare well

Practice regularly

Receive feedback

Flip your fears

Why does public speaking matter?

Find your own speaking style

Visit me during office hours

Let's "go live" with your slides!


Add a new "navbar-links" called presentations

Create a new file called "presentations.md"

Use Markdown to create a title in "presentations.md"

Create a link in this file to your presentation

Do you see a new header menu?

Site Updates

Does your site have a correct header?

Is your site's URL correct in the footer?

Do you have operational social media icons?

Are all of the articles displaying correctly?

Any questions about updating your site?

Polish your site before leaving for break!

How can you uniquely "brand" your site?

Start looking ahead to the final project!