Computer Science 441

Principles of Distributed Systems

Gregory M. Kapfhammer

flickr photo shared by Patrick Brosset under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license

Color Scheme

Key Concept

Corresponding Diagram

In-Class Discussion

In-Class Activity

Details in the Textbook

What is a distributed system?

Form groups to discuss this question

Draw a diagram of a distributed system

Share your diagram with another group

How are they similar?

How are they different?

Fallacies of distributed computing

Poor Assumptions

Ultimately prove to be false

Results in the failure of the system

Causes substantial reduction in scope

Leads to unplanned expenses

Let's resolve these issues now!

The network is reliable

Latency is zero

Bandwidth is infinite

The network is secure

Topology does not change

There is one administrator

Transport cost is zero

The network is always the same

How did you make these assumptions?

Steel yourself against these assumptions!