A launching pad for search-based software engineering

20 January 2017

Prior research and development experiences have proven the Alternating Variable Method (AVM) to be a fast and effective local search technique for search-based software engineering. Moreover, recent improvements to the AVM have generalized the representations it can optimize and have provably reduced its running time. However, until recently, there has been no general, publicly-available implementation of the AVM incorporating all of these developments.

I am pleased to report that (McMinn2016b)   introduced AVMf, an object-oriented framework that provides an implementation of the AVM in the Java programming language. AVMf is available from AVMf/avmf for configuration and use in a wide variety of projects.

My hope is that AVMf can serve as a “launching pad” for new research and development in search-based software engineering (SBSE). So, do you have a new search-based method but are dreading the creation of a bespoke system? Are you interested in learning how to use an AVM? Or, do you have an idea for a new SBSE example that we should integrate into the tool? If yes, then please try AVMf and contact me to share your ideas!

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